As a professional, my mission is to create the most innovative content possible and be an asset to my team.
As a member of society, my mission is to be respectful of the environment and everyone around me.
As a foodie, my mission is to find the most delicious donut in the United States.


When I’m not working or catching up on new TV shows, I bake for my loved ones. I learn so much about food science by following recipes or letting my creativity run wild when mixing ingredients. Clearly, I also like to pose with my creations, but eating and sharing them is still more fun. Of all the treats I’ve baked so far, I’m most proud of the eight-layer Russian honey cake Medovik I’m cradling in this photo, as well as butter croissants, and baklava! Browse the gallery with some of my bakes below, but if you have a sweet tooth like me, proceed with caution.


Photo by Cory Crouser.

One can’t have too many creative outlets, right? I enjoy both, being on camera and behind it. Here my friends and I are posing for a Little Women-inspired photoshoot, and below are some of the shots I’ve taken of Spain, Finland, St. Petersburg, and Los Angeles.