If My House Has a Voice

If My House Has a Voice (Newfound, 2023) serves as a guide through the immigrant narrative. A blurring of foreign and familiar, a tapestry of cultures and form, this debut chapbook attempts to decode the elusive: language, borders, and (un)belonging. The poems in If My House Has a Voice move across Syria, Russia, and America, inviting us to look beyond ourselves, into the ground and the people that shape us.


“With If My House Has a Voice, Elina Katrin offers up a vivid, complex, multilingual self-portrait that is also a delightful, sharply rendered tribute to the myriad places and people to whom she belongs. These are poems that move, formally and emotionally: couplets leap across caesuras, ‘lax vowels [skew the] jaw,’ and histories meet in ways that catalyze a vibrant, surprising, embodied new music. Katrin’s verse makes every sense come alive.”
— Gabrielle Bates, author of Judas Goat


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Bio: Elina Katrin is a Syrian-Russian immigrant and the author of the poetry chapbook If My House Has a Voice (Newfound, 2023). Her writing was selected as a semi-finalist for The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry and has appeared in Electric Lit, Poetry Daily, So to Speak, and elsewhere. A participant of the Kenyon Review and Tin House Writing Workshops, she works and organizes with Mizna as a Community Engagement Coordinator and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Hollins University. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with a dream and her cardigan.