Orange Umbrella Recruitment

Known as “Refruitment” at Orange Umbrella, this process is essential to the success of our consultancy. Each semester, OU launches a campaign with a specific theme and aesthetics for messaging.
— Encourage the freshest talent to apply
— Increase Orange Umbrella awareness on campus
— Promote OU’s capabilities
My Role: As a copywriter, I generated witty social and digital media copy, including Instagram captions and the text used for graphics, in accordance with OU’s tone and the campaign’s theme.
Results: We saw an upward trend in applicant numbers, with 138 applications generated across two campaigns showcased below.

80s Arcade

Social media is OU’s most influential tool and is the primary channel for our refruitment campaigns. For “80s Arcade,” we also utilized email marketing, and I wrote an email blast that was sent out to all School of Communication students. All copy materials for this campaign theme relied on 80s slang to compliment the retro style of graphics created by the design team.

Pop Art

The bright colors of this campaign called for snappy and lively Instagram captions. Oh, and emojis, emojis, emojis.