Author: Elina Katrin

Innovate Miami

Once a year, Innovate Miami publishes a 300+ page high-end yearbook, featuring companies and organizations that boost Miami’s innovation. Orange Umbrella was invited to be included in the 2019 edition, and I wrote all the content for the two-page spread, sharing our history, capabilities, and values as a company. It was an honor to share the […]

Design Projects

Yep, I also know my way around Adobe’s Creative Cloud. I know, I know, you’re probably asking yourself, “What can’t this girl do?” Wear anything other than comfy pajamas around the house. That’s the answer. Anyway, here’s an infographic I did for my design class. It has a pretty leopard on it. In that class, […]

Orange Umbrella Branding

I created in-house content for Orange Umbrella, including a bi-weekly newsletter, The Squeeze, and engaging blog posts that ranged in subject matter from OU’s events to opinion pieces about the Oscars. Since then, those blog posts were taken down from the website, because… Rebranding …we got a fresh look! Since we revisited and expanded our […]

Galt Dermatology

Galt Dermatology is a privately-owned health practice that provides a direct care model of services to patients. Objectives:— Generate awareness of Galt Dermatology’s business model and services— Develop the client’s branding materials My Role: As a copywriter, I worked together with a UX/UI designer Tiana Torkan to produce copy that reflected the client’s values and […]

Orange Umbrella Recruitment

Known as “Refruitment” at Orange Umbrella, this process is essential to the success of our consultancy. Each semester, OU launches a campaign with a specific theme and aesthetics for messaging.Objectives:— Encourage the freshest talent to apply— Increase Orange Umbrella awareness on campus— Promote OU’s capabilitiesMy Role: As a copywriter, I generated witty social and digital […]


MIREMS is a company that provides monitoring, research, and analysis of multilingual media sources from ethnic communities to clients worldwide. Aside from being their Russian media consultant, I also wrote opinion and research-based blog posts for MIREMS’ U.S. and Canadian websites, highlighting how immigrant communities are responding to local policies and global news.

Sandler Center

The Sandler Center is a comprehensive prevention, intervention, education, and referral program focusing on alcohol and other drug use, misuse, and dependency at the University of Miami. Objectives:— To film and produce a “Community Consensus” video series featuring students’ perceptions of alcohol and drug use on campus— Challenge misconceptions of social norms related to the […]